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Hermionie Blake has had some amazing roles and has worked with people at all levels, including senior managers, directors and multi-skilled teams across different geographies and cultures.  She has worked in Germany, India, Australia and Singapore.  

Her experience has been gained from a number of industry sectors, such as pharmaceutical, leisure, banking and finance, education, engineering and construction as well as technology sectors.

Some of her major clients are universities: Hermionie is working with PhD Research clients supporting them through to successful completion, as well as senior managers supporting them with professional development strategies.

Hermionie uses coaching proficiency, psychology appreciation, accelerated learning principles as well as knowledge and experience of training and development techniques to each interaction.  She is passionate about developing people and has a unique blend of coaching and accelerated learning skills to facilitate the unlocking of my client’s potential.  

To learn more, please contact Hermionie at NorthStar Coaching.